When children display disruptive acting out behaviour like calling out in class, fighting, lashing out, talking back; or concerning acting-in behaviour like withdrawing from learning, selective mutism, low self-esteem, self-denying; the cause of such behaviour is usually rooted in their emotional world. More often than not, they are carrying a mixture of worries, thoughts and feelings. Unpacking, offloading, learning new skills and resolving ( gaining mastery) of the root causes leads to a more fulfilled and integrated child who can have more ‘room’ and capacity to learn and thrive in school and at home.

At MBA, the service is delivered with the skills, insight and capacity to tailor to the specific therapeutic and emotional needs of each school and child it works with. The service also extends to the emotional and therapeutic support of teachers and parents and keeps in mind the cultures, demographics, languages spoken, particular history-related issues, values and aims of the school.

The service can help to bring a powerful dimension to the character, ability and perception of individuals to quite literally master their world and engage more fully In it.

MBA offers a range of school-appropriate services to form a package or as stand-alone support structures for children, staff and parents. All of our services are confidential. However, themes emerging from the work can be relayed to the school to empower change and consolidate learning and behaviour. Insights and themes can also enable the school to move faster towards goals and inform decisions as well as strengthen relationships between children, staff and parents.