Many children lack an arena in which to express the powerful and profound feelings intrinsic to any human existence. This can either result in children remaining silent and bottling up strong feelings (proven to be psychologically and physically damaging) or ‘acting out’ their feelings in ways which can be highly destructive to self or others.

The need for prevention, early intervention and resolution has never been greater.

  • MBA aims to help children to understand muddled feelings and traumatic events which they have not had a chance to work through. Children have a natural propensity to communicate their thoughts and feelings through play.
  • Each art form provides a different language for human experience. Art/sculpture, sand play, drama, dance, movement, puppetry and poetry can be utilised naturally and alongside or sometimes as an alternative to verbal communication. Sometimes, children lack the words with which to describe or express themselves.
  • At MBA, the service is delivered with the skills, insight and capacity to tailor to the specific therapeutic and emotional needs of each school and child it works with.
  • The service can help to bring a powerful dimension to the character, ability and perception of individuals to quite literally master their world >and engage more fully in it.
  • Offers a range of school-appropriate services to form a package or as stand-alone support structures.