MASTERS BEYOND TEACHING: – Counselling support consultations for Teachers

‘Every Child Matters’ – And Every Teacher Matters as well.

1-1 Brief Solution – Focused therapeutic Support.

At Masters Beyond, it is recognised that teachers are first people with their own life scripts, challenges, thoughts and feelings from within their personal spheres as well as within the school community. Sometimes it can become difficult to keep these areas of experience, and particularly the concerns, separate from classroom experience. Sometimes, specific people or classroom dynamics can remind teachers or trigger a familiar emotional response. Through setting up either one to one brief solution – focussed sessions or periodic one off support sessions several child-focused outcomes are also possible including;

  • Deciphering behaviours and classroom dynamics
  • Developing strategies to deal differently and positively with children’s disruptive or challenging behaviour.
  • Explore individual and personal responses to classroom dynamics and children’s emotional and psychological needs,
  • Thereby utilising new creative options and personal insights to maximise children’s emotional health and learning capacity.
  • Enhance and improve motivation and empathy.
  • The sessions will support teachers own emotional health and wellbeing.

Whilst the aim of all Masters Beyond Teaching (MBT) is to promote and optimise the emotional wellbeing for children, the same is worked towards for teachers, recognising that the two are inextricably linked.

  • Consultation Sessions
    These are part of the referral and assessment process. There is sharing of themes and insights as well as joint thinking in the service of the children being referred.Sessions equip teachers with the appropriate tools and strategies to manage classroom dynamics in order to help children to achieve learning/behaviour objectives. These sessions provide an opportunity for reflection, insight- sharing and problem solving.
  • Counseling
    Personal problems that might impact on a teacher’s ability to function well in class or lead to absence from school can be worked with.

MBA Services

The services can help to bring a powerful dimension to the character, ability and perception of individuals to quite literally master their world and engage more fully in it.